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The Swamp Rat progressive jackpot on on-line On line casino CyberSlotz has long been claimed by a person Blessed winner.

Jonathan M staked just 1 on the online slots match – and instantly received one,371.eighty one, the website reveals.


His results comes just in time for Christmas, Along with the jackpot staying scooped on Friday December 21st.

Swamp Rat comes along with not a single, but a few progressive jackpots – that means gamers could secure sums in surplus of 5,000 for an individual spin on 카지노사이트 the virtual reels.

“Your luck could strike at any instant – and each in the jackpots just keeps increasing until they’re gained,” CyberSlotztells its gamers.

The Slight jackpot starts from the level of fifty, even though the middle of your a few has an initial worth of five hundred.

But readers카지노사이트 to the web On line casino may be hoping to secure the largest of the 3 prizes up for grabs – with no less than 5,000 in the prize pot.